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Stenhus Basketball College
Stenhus Basketball College Mens Team
Stenhus Basketball College Womens Team

Stenhus Autumn Cup 2016
Stenhus Autumn Cup 2015
Stenhus Autumn Cup 2014
Stenhus Autumn Cup 2013

Holbæk Basketball Klub - Current Season
Holbæk Tropics 2. Division Øst Herrer
Holbæk Basketball Klub - Previous Seasons
Stenhus-Holbæk Damer (2. Division Øst Damer)
Holbæk Young Guns (3. Division Øst Herrer)
Holbæk Hertogs (2. Division Øst Herrer)
U21 Herrer (U21 Herrer A Øst)
U16 Herrer (U16 Herrer Mester Øst)